Ash King is an artist & (almost) psych who dances to rock & roll and thinks about stuff. She is a champion of mental wellness and kicked off her blog Head First in 2018 which aims to explore and celebrate our journey with mental health (and maybe try to make psych a little sexy.)

Her art is inspired by the strength and sensuality of the female body and she loves working with bold line, delicate colour and black and white imagery. Ash loves to draw out the erotic in the mundane, and bring to life the beauty of women in their most powerful & vulnerable states, using subjects that excite and inspire.

She studied Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 2007, and then went on to study Media Arts & Production at University of Technology, Sydney in 2008. In March of 2013 she staged and self-promoted her first solo art exhibition, Doing Lines, which featured a live band and various illustrations of famous rock icons made up of their own lyrics, at District 01 Gallery, Surry Hills. The exhibition was sponsored by Sailor Jerry’s, Dcider and MOJO Record Bar, and was featured in Sydney Time Out and MX. Her work was also exhibited at The Ladies Network exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery in 2016. In 2018, Nakkiah Lui selected one of Ash’s portraits to be displayed in the YWCA in Darlinghurst for the collaborative project, Singing the Praises of Inspirational Women.

In 2014 she was awarded the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Young Artist Grant to undertake a month-long internship in New York City. 

In 2018 she completed her Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science. 


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