29 Things I Am Still Learning

May 19, 2019  |  psychology  |  No Comments  | 

(Definitely not an exhaustive list.) 1. People are not thinking about you, they’re thinking about themselves.  2. You don’t always know what it is that will make you happy, and that’s ok. 3. Enjoying the simple things doesn’t make you boring. 4. People who love you don’t love you for what you might be or what you were, but rather for what you are. 5. What feels the strongest is not necessarily the most true (nicked this one off Brianna Wiest) 6. The… Read more »

The first time I discovered that my breath might be key to managing my anxiety, I was really fucking mad. Breathing? Seriously? I do that already. All the time. Automatically in fact. The idea that something so basic and constant could provide relief for a condition I considered so volatile and overwhelming was almost…insulting. Don’t you think I would’ve worked that out on my own by now? And yet, there I was. Fritzin’ out my mind. Uneasy about nothing & everything all at… Read more »

Welcome to the fun house

May 17, 2019  |  psychology  |  No Comments  | 

We only ever see ourselves, reflected. Through cut glass, charged between lenses, in pixels, by the harbour of a still pool. Our reflections exist in the eyes of others, in the minds and hands and hearts of others. In what we make, in what we build, in what we create. A We can never stand across from ourselves, face to face, in raw flesh, fully flawed & pigmented – and be real. I’m no master observer to point this out. The reflections metaphor… Read more »

At this time of year, there’s plenty to celebrate. With an influx of engagements and pregnancy announcements – our parties, functions and online feeds are gushing with public proclamations of some recently unlocked life achievement.  After celebrating my own engagement this year, my partner and I have received many congratulations regarding the upcoming nuptials. Our online announcement elicited many messages of celebration and well wishes, and after the wave of dopamine subsided, I pondered the moments in our lives that will be met… Read more »

As a teenager, I was a crazy Queen fan. T-shirts, figurines, DVDs of live concerts and music videos, with obsessive recollection of the track listings of every Queen album. I loved Freddie and his story most of all. I would read bios written by anyone and everyone to learn as much as I could about his journey. A Bohemian Rhapsody does no justice to that journey. A The film is as grandiose, pompous and cliche as a good many Queen tracks but it… Read more »

I don’t want to call it the black dog. Because I like dogs. a I don’t want to see it as a dark cloud. Because I like clouds. a Most of us know something of depression. Whether we’ve experienced it first hand, or casually seen an ad about it online. But in a conversation I had about it recently, someone admitted “To be honest, I don’t really understand it. It’s being really sad, right? But not really for any reason?” a Our limited… Read more »